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Our Clients Testimonials

Our Clients Testimonials

We take pride and utmost care in our customer service. We believe in customer delight and not only customer service.

Read below what our existing customers have to say about us:

I was working on my Dell Laptop one day, when it suddenly turned off. I called various companies and every one told me that my hard drive has crashed. I lost my financial data worth at least 30000 USD. Then i remembered that i had purchased 1 Terabyte of Online Data Backup from Pctechclinic. I recovered all my data and not even a single file was missing. Thank you so much everyone, I love the software.
Paul Ruberto, New York

I was a nerd when it came to computers and i did not even know how to change the wallpaper. Thanks to Pctechclinic's Ebook i have answers to all my daily small questions.
Rubina Carlos, Miami

Everyone at Pctehclinic is so cooperative and especially Rajeev. Thank you all for your technical help
Mandy Duncan, North Carolina

Best Technical Services i have ever come across. You are so comfortable talking to everyone here.
Andy Roberts, Manhattan

Best prices of Dell laptops, got 30 percent discount on my Latitude. Best price
Judie Jane, California

People at Pctechclinic are so prompt while they attend to you, you can ask as many questions as you want
Erick Bob, Kansas

A company run and managed by true and genuine professionals. Will recommend to my friends
Albert White, Georgia

I started my business in 2012 and had to file taxes. I had purchased an accounting software which i had no idea as to how to use it. When i called Pctechclinic, they not only helped me install it but also went a step ahead and guided me on how to file my taxes. Mac, the supervisor spared 2 hours of his precious time. Thank you all. It was a brilliant experience
Samantha Smith, Virginia

My neighbor was using my wireless internet connection as it was an unsecured connection. My bills were sky rocketing month on month. I called Pctechclinic and they just took 10 minutes to guide my through over the phone and help me make my connection secure.
Cristy Brown, New York

Pctechclinic does not work on weekends. Last month i had an urgent issue that needed immediate attention, i mailed them at All it took was half an hour for them to arrange a special technician on the weekend who called me back and took care of my problems. Pctechclinic surely goes beyond Customer Service - they believe in Customer delight and for sure i was delighted.
George Mcathy, Minnesota

When i first called Pctechclinic i had a problem with my printer. Everyone i called earlier said it was a hardware problem and cannot be resolved over the phone. Even the original manufacturer refused to help as the printer was not under the warranty. I am a disabled person who cannot go out of the house alone. I then happened to call Pctechclinic who also told me the same thing. But unlike other companies they manually troubleshooted the problem and it got fixed within 30 minutes. I am so thankful to Puneet and everyone else at Pctechclinic
Martha July, Texas

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